My wish list for 2015.

I have some time this morning so I thought it fun to gather wool by making a wish list. Here it is and let me know what you think or would add to it.

1. I wish agents and readers liked my book automatically.

2. I wish books didn’t cost so much.

3. I wish I could buy cover art in poster size without the pesky titles and names.

4. I wish high school students graduated with the ability to read and write.

5. I wish more people took up a creative hobby or passion–writing, painting, carving, singing, playing an instrument, whatever.

6. I wish self-published books at minimum were edited for grammar.

7. I wish books made into movies were actually as good as the book.

8. I wish Hollywood went back to making fun and original movies.

9. I wish I was fluent in a foreign language.

10. I wish I could write full time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cheers



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