Book review – TIMECASTER by J.A. Konrath

Thank goodness for that micro-social media thingy for alerting me to TIMECASTER by J.A. Konrath. Finally, a usefulness for Twitter–at least in my opinion.

This book was a fun read and the last few chapters were laugh-out-loud funny, mostly because you know the characters so well, like being a fly on the wall. At first, I thought it would be sappy as the author chose to re-spell certain four letter words. I thought maybe he was afraid to use the full vulgarity of what some might consider offensive. But as I read on, I realized it was more than just style, it was part of the world the author built for this particular book.

And what a fun and colorful world, too. The reader follows the protagonist, a peace officer named Talon, around and around a future Chicago with no crime. A Chicago with no crime stretches the imagination to the limits, but hey, it’s the future and the author says so. But seriously, Talon is the unwitting victim of his hero and mentor turned psycho who spent too many years self medicating on steroids. Suddenly Talon finds himself literally fighting for his life repeatedly in a series of Bond-like escapades with just as many miraculous escapes right up to the very end of the book. Talon is an every-man’s hero. He carries a strong sense of what is right and wrong, what’s worth  getting involved in and what’s a silly waste of time. A refreshing taste of morals and values and principles that he sticks to, even when he can’t. Outstanding.

TIMECASTER is full of subtle innuendo and overt slaps at politics – and it’s funny. If your sense of humor does nor or cannot extend to the humorous side of man-made social issues, then maybe you should skip this book. If on the other hand you have an open mind and love a good laugh, then you will appreciate this read.



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