The Value of support

I recently learned, or perhaps relearned, the value of supporting like-minded people and interests. Take creativity, for example. I discovered a couple of years ago that to feel better, you need to create something. You should spend time every day or at least several times a week engaging the creative side of your brain. This is not a scientific discovery on my part, though I’m sure there is some government funded research out there somewhere. No. I used my powers of observation at my typical male enhanced light-speed situational awareness-dar.

You may have figured this out long ago but I am male and consequently have a thick skull. In other words, I learn slow but I learn well. Writing is one of my preferred creative mediums. I have recently finished the first draft of my first book, which I started writing back in May of 2009 while on deployed for the AF. Just as cooking is a stress reliever, and a healthier choice, writing is a creative release that makes me feel good after doing it.

As I got more into writing, I joined a few local writer’s groups and started attending meetings. It was the best decision I made regarding my desire to write a book. And then I met a local author who quickly became an inspiration and a pseudo mentor. I was surprised to learn how important he, and one other person I met through the same group, holds to supporting other authors. I thought it was really cool and I decided it was time I followed suit. Very unusual for me because I am quite happy on my own. However, in this case, I would not have finished my first draft without the writer group support.

So, now I support the groups and the authors and soon to be authors whenever I can. And this also makes me feel good. But I think it also makes me a better writer. Part of the support is to read and give feedback to what other’s are writing. It’s a win-win.

This sentiment is also why I admire Hugh Howey for his unwavering support for authors. It is fun to be a part of something. And because of this exposure, I have plans to not only continue writing but to write outside my favorite genre. Those out of the box (genre) ideas have yet to enjoy pen to paper but the ideas are lining up in my little male enhanced brain.

Point is, it’s fun, healthy, and moral to support somebody and something creative. It’s even okay to do so. So go create and go support.



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