Next book idea

I have not yet published my first book, CRASH COURSE, and already I have a back log of new and interesting ideas for more books. And much to my surprise, my ideas are for different genres. I have started making notes and the first chapter of my next project which is what I would describe as sort of a cross between Star Wars and The Hobbit.

I also plan to write a book about my experience as a maintenance technician for an apartment complex. I can’t wait to tell some of those stories. Yet another, more serious, book is about a middle aged man’s intervening years from military service retirement until he finds a new job during the worst recession (depression) in recent memory. This is where I get to hammer the politicians and the lame stream media and the affect it’s having on our society.

The interesting thing is, I used to think that I could and should work on only one project at a time. But I noticed that many authors work on several projects at once. Amazing. Or, they put out at least one big book a year, if not more. I reckon it takes some practice and that writing for a series helps in this regard.

So a friend of mine just posted that my first book is soon to be published, even as I start on a revision of the firsts draft. I reckon I’d better get to work lest I prove her wrong. Gee. thanks.  🙂



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