What price to set

Thanks to all the debate surrounding the Amazon-Hachette issues, and also thanks to the excellent and relevant analysis by Hugh Howey, I have decided to self publish my first book on Amazon. But now I have to determine the right price.

There are a few factors to consider. I’m a new author, brand new in fact. I’m still in the revision phase which I’m confident will make my manuscript better and ready to publish. But I’ve read that .99c is perhaps not the best price to set, except maybe initially. Neither is the high end of 19.99 or even 24.99 like many of the new hardbacks. Somewhere in between, then.

There is some merit in getting paid for your writing, just like a painter, a singer, or a musician, so setting it too low yields very little but setting it too high also yields very little. The right price should be adequate to reward my efforts as the author and some for the platform of delivery, in my case, Amazon. It is hard to fathom the behind the scenes extent to which Amazon has gone to allow and enable authors to peddle their work. The potential audience reach is almost unlimited, thanks to virtual global commerce and the rather cool invention of the iPad and other similar devices.

I remember back when I first got seriously into reading books – fourth grade I believe. Thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Karstens, I love to read and I believe it has made me a smarter person because of it. When I was finally out on my own, making my own purchasing and budgeting decisions, I recall that paperbacks cost on average less than five bucks. Yes, I realize that reveals something of my age, but so what. The point is I feel strongly about setting a price for my work that is as easy as possible for folks to buy and read but still do right by me the author and whatever entity provides the platforms.

I’m thinking between 2.99 and 4.99. It will depend on the final outcome after I complete my revision, which I plan/hope will be no later than fall.



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