To self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

As the tussle between two giants, Hachette and Amazon, carries on, I am still undecided as a first time author as to which method I want to try first. Perhaps it should come down to how adept I am at self promotion on social media combined with how skilled I am at self editing. Self publishing by default requires skill and confidence in my own ability to edit to a level worthy of publishing. An agent/publisher has the resources to help with editing and promotion. Assuming a non-best seller right out of the gate, one method pays more than the other percentage wise.

I have recently taken up reading other author’s work, mostly in support of other new authors. Unfortunately, the self published side often has more editing errors than the traditionally published books. I reckon if a reader can look beyond the mistakes, he can still enjoy the story. But if the errors become distracting, then it is no longer enjoyable. One has to weigh the risks involved – a give and take, check and balance.

Of course, I eventually plan to leverage both methods and as many platforms as I can reach. The social media … thingy… will always be a challenge for me because my generational upbringing makes me think of it as just a little weird. However, for my first book, I have only to decide which one to start with first – agent or self pub.

With so many agents out there, and presuming the quality of my work is adequate, I’d think the odds are at least decent when connecting with a suitable agent. On the other hand, the self publishing outlets are numerous and are just a few clicks away. But even folks I ask have differing opinions and the argument for each is compelling.

So, what do you think, all of my vast cache of followers? I’m very interested.



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