Fan Gogh – the antagonist in CRASH COURSE

Fan is an interesting character because she is not what you expect. Fan uses other people’s money and positions to further her own agenda. Orphaned at an early age, Fan’s innocent façade belies her willingness for swift and ruthless retribution in her pursuit of selfish pity. She risks countless lives and economies by going off mission on a time-trip into Earth’s past – 2021. Fan is from a very different Earth in the year 2407, an earth of choking overpopulation and harsh rationing of every resource. The scary part is she is not insane, crazy, psycho, or, even just plain nuts. Rather, she is rational and calculating, even to the point of discriminating in her tactics. She goes out of her way to avoid collateral damage, preferring subtly and covertness over mayhem. As we see in CRASH COURSE, Fan is pretty good at, and gets a certain pleasure from, tactical deception.


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